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What are they teaching kids today?

You know by now low-fat is high-sugar and it’s most definitely not good for kids and their growing brains.

Your brain is made mostly of fat. You need fat, especially when your brain is developing. It’s a simple concept, but because of the low-fat craze, many kids have suffered in terms of obesity, and in terms of emotional and cognitive disorders because instead of fat, they are getting fed low-fat (usually processed) junk.

So, what do you think they are ‘selling’ in the play grocery store at the kids museum in Luddington?


We still have a ways to go.

2 Responses to What are they teaching kids today?

  1. My kids understand the need for fat. Their fat friends all tell them that they’re so lucky to be thin. Their comments to them are, “All that “fat free” food you’re eating,,,How’s that working out for you? They take out the fat and put junk back in to make it taste good. Only overweight people eat fat free and way too much of it. Just look around.” A little tough, I know, but it’s brutally honest from the mouths of babes.

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