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The Secretary of Face?

The Secretary of State is one of the highest level cabinet positions in the executive branch of our government. In fact, it is one of the original positions that was established when our country was established, and this position has been held by notable people like Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, James Madison, and Hamilton Fish (I had to include that name because it is so great sounding. He was the Secretary of State under Pres. Ulysses Grant, who also has a great name.)

In any case it is a notable and important position, and in the age of the 24-hour news cycle, it is also position where a person gets a great deal of time on camera, especially when something is going on in world affairs, like it is now with Syria. There is no doubt, in an age where TV is dominant, you do have to look somewhat “good,” whatever that may mean in the context of what you are trying to present.  And whatever the merits and demerits looking good on the TV news may be, the reality is that make-up, lighting, editing, etc. are all used to make things look better, while many of the younger TV news anchor and personalities generally tend to be attractive.

The Syrian situation is very important, and I don’t want to downplay the importance of achieving the ultimate goal of peace and prosperity in the Middle East. Politics completely aside, I wanted to point out the fact that our current Secretary of State, John Kerry, seems to have had a facial procedure to make himself look younger, most likely, in my opinion, a facelift, along with other skin care treatments.


One can obviously see that there is a definite pulled nature to Sec. Kerry’s face. It is rather clear that his mouth is somewhat stretched compared to what it was. Likewise, he has had a forehead procedure, either Botox or brow lift, which is resulted in asymmetry of his brows, and some paralysis of his brows, which as I’ve said before, when this occurs, gives a person a sort of “out of touch” and “emotionless” look. More is not always better, and indeed, less is often a lot more. I think his “old” face look tougher and more wry and authoritative, as faces go.

One of the points that I always stress when I discuss the option of face lifting (and facial rejuvenation in general) with patients is that not everyone should want to achieve the goal of looking as young as possible. There is definitely a point of diminishing returns, and unless you are an entertainer who is lost a great deal of popularity in recent years, and is trying to get back into the limelight, and figure a good way to do that would be to be the subject of National Enquirer “Who’s had Plastic Surgery?” stories, then it is important to understand that you don’t want to look too young.

In my opinion, there is an age range that you want to stay within, so you always look youthful within the age you appear to be. This is especially important with a man because, as a general rule, most men who I  have consulted with who are interested in plastic surgery, do not want try and achieve the usefulness of a Justin Bieber, but rather, they are looking for the youthfulness of a Tom Selleck, or even a John Kerry.

Simply put, a few wrinkles are probably okay, and even preferred, it’s the sagging neckline that most people want to correct.  But as you can see, over-correction can produce an unusual result, that although it may be appealing to some, in my experience in general practice, has not been the goal that most people have wanted to achieve.

One Response to The Secretary of Face?

  1. Just a few days ago I was looking at a news article about John Kerry and I was shocked by his appearance. I said to myself that it doesn’t look like the
    John Kerry that I remember.

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