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Moving past Traditional Facelifts

English: Joan Rivers at Musto's 25th Anniversary.
English: Joan Rivers at Musto’s 25th Anniversary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you have ever seen anybody who has had a facelift? If you have, then you probably were able to recognize that pulled, widened, expressionless face that is so characteristic of a traditional facelift, the so called ‘nip and tuck’ or–as has been joked about by Joan Rivers herself–‘the Joan Rivers look’.

Although wrinkles are definitely removed, it looks pretty unnatural, or even in the worst case unusual and even a bit disturbing.

This is because a traditional facelift is about removing skin and ‘lifting’ the neck by stretching the skin ultimately, puts tension on the skin to stretch out of the wrinkles. This has been the conventional method of performing facelift, and this is the old paradigm (of nipping and tucking the skin) results in a lot of people who I think look like they have had plastic surgery.

  • Traditional facelifts stretch and remove skin, but often with a pulled look that usually signals to everyone around, ‘Look at me. I have just had a facelift!’ Most patients, in my experience, want subtle changes that look natural.

Some people like this look and that is fine. There are enormous amount of opinions in the world, but in my own surgical practice, I have always tried to achieve a more natural, smooth, full, and youthful look.

I have studied a great deal of art and literature and photography to come to a vision/philosophy of beauty that is not artificial but natural and congruent with existing anatomy. This is something which is the bedrock of my philosphy of health overall: I have always tried to be consistent with what nature gives me and not try to overcome it because that looks very unnatural.

So, I have moved towards more minimally invasive technologies which include things like Botox and Juvederm and procedures that add permanent volume, like fat grafting and the so called Vampire Facelift.

What is the Vampire Facelift?

  • It a office based procedure that uses your own blood to help add volume to your cheeks and face
  • The blood provides both growth factors and stem cells to help add volume to soft tissues
  • It has been reported to help with the regeneration/stimulation of new fat cells in the face, which can help provide a smoother and more youthful look in the face.
  • It is an excellent option for people who need more fullness than wrinkle reduction and offers the advantages of a minimally invasive, office procedure with few risks, and little or no down time.

I also use other methods in my office, but my favorite modality is nutrition. Things like Vitamin A and E supplementation, and topicals that include things like Coenzyme Q10 and coconut oil are very powerful, indeed. Nutritional therapies that focus on supplementation, proper macronutrient supplementation, detoxification and immune boosting serve as the essential foundation for great skin.

  • Some of the most important minerals for the skin are zinc and magnesium, which help with the function of matrix metalloproteinases, or MMP’s, for short. These are proteins which help remove old and damaged collagen and elastin, and allow new collagen and elastin to form, give the skin a taut and youthful look.
  • You can ask Dr. Ostric, a Chicago Plastic Surgeon, practicing in the suburb or Glenview, about the supplements and topicals he recommends that make your skin look and feel it’s very best!

Building off this base, I use all the other technologies to help people get the best skin possible.

My view of nature is anatomical and precise. Nature provides rules and anatomy provides rules and that are the destiny which we have to work with AND within to maximize results. That is the art of plastic surgery.

And that is also my basic mission statement in everything that I do, and it is one of the reasons why I try to avoid traditional facelifts because the nip and tuck and pulling does not acknowledge the rules of anatomy and nature to bring up the most beautiful result possible.


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