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Episode 24 of The Dr. O Show: Superbowl, Hot Wings, and Head Trauma…

Hi, folks, here we are on another episode of the Dr. O Show! I hope you have really been enjoying the episodes in the New Year. Let me know what you think, good or bad, and if you have any suggestions for the show, then don’t forget to shoot them on over!

The Superbowl was last week, and the fact is, I thought the Ravens were going to win. They did, and I bet no money, so it makes no difference…But we had a nice party at our home, and made some wonderful hot wings. I share that recipe here, and I will share it again in the future!

I also talk a bit about why I like broadcasting and podcasting so much. I have had an interest in radio broadcasting since high school, and the fact is, I became a doctor along the way. But those passions never really get extinguished, so when I had the chance to get back in front of a microphone, I did it! You can listen to my story on today’s episode!

Finally, I talk a little about concussions and the NFL, and specifically, what is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). The fact is, there are a lot of points to consider in this debate, but the fact remains that football (and other violent contact sports like hockey) are great games that are fun, and can teach kids a lot about life. I will talk about it in the next podcast in terms of the science, and the issues that need to be considered to make the game safer, but in spite of it all, I don’t think football will go away, especially at the professional level, when players are paid a lot of money.

I also think it’s good for many young boys to get involved in some contact sports, as their testosterone levels need to be depleted occassionally through this type of activity, which, having once been a crazy little boy myself (and according to my wife, not much has changed!), is a good thing both physically and emotionally.

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