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Does the ADA want to keep people struggling with diabetes?

Here is the article titled: New Diabetes Guideline Urges Tailored Therapy

Although  in the article it is stated:

Lifestyle intervention still remains the first step in management, but the statement also calls for patient education focusing on diet and exercise in order to achieve lifestyle changes.

They spend most of the time focusing drug therapies like metformin and insulin. No mention of low-carb/controlled carb dieting, exercising, etc.–you know, lifestyle intervention!

Although they mention HbA1c being an important measurement for monitoring, they call for an individualized approach that is tailored to the patients needs. What is that number? No mention.

How do you get a high HbA1c? No mention…well, I bet they would imply that its improper/incorrect/inadequate use of insulin or metformin.

After reading this, I do get a bit frazzled, to say the least. If you have a disease like diabetes whose hallmark symptom is intolerance to carbohydrates, and you focus on controlling everything else except the elephant in the room, which is carbohydrates and reducing their intake, then you have only a few things things you can believe.

One is this is a conspiracy theory, promulgated by the ADA and its mignons to keep people in a perpetual state of sickness which is financially profitable for BigPharma, which is an extension of that lluminati/freemason cabal that is trying to wield influence through subversive geo-politcal manipulation and currency manipulation in order to dominate the world and keep people in perpetual slavery, etc.

The other is that people are sincerely out-of-touch and/or just plain dumb.

Sadly, it’s hard sometimes to say which one I agree with more….

4 Responses to Does the ADA want to keep people struggling with diabetes?

  1. Hey – you just keep coming up with great posts and I just have to weigh in! You wrote, “Sadly, it’s hard sometimes to say which one I agree with more…” This is just exactly how I feel. The ADA has to know that carbohydrate restriction works much better than their diet recommendations. How could they not know? Since corporate America is all about money, and the ADA gets big donations from said corporations( ), why would they not preferentially look after their funding interests? With no money they are out of a job or wouldn’t get paid nearly as well. It is just like in politics, you have to get rid of the big money interests if you want politicians to represent and work for the people. To change things, the internet is a wonderful tool for spreading the word with grassroots efforts from people like you. It makes me wonder how long it will be before they figure out a way to stop you.

  2. They won’t stop me…ha! I have to quote Che Guevara here…though I do not agree with his politics, his sentiment is absolutely true! But when you are talking politics, in any form, you usually get some strange bedfellows

    “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.”

    The idea is important. It’s what survives.

  3. If you can find an old medical book written before the discovery of insulin, look up diabetes. What will you see? DIET and exercise. Even Type-1’s of the day were advised to do this to extend their lifespans. Low carb diet, to be precise. Low carb/Paleo (primal) works even better when artificial garbage and grains are avoided. And why did this approach fall out of favor? Could be money? I think it is. Diabetes management is a business model’s wet dream come to life. Carb up, don’t eat fat, and buy more meds. Advise exactly the opposite of what can drive T2 into remission, so to speak, and make T1 so much more manageable. Think of all the meters, strips, meds, and such that WON’T be sold if all the T2’s cut back on the carb/junk intake and get control as they lose weight. It’s worked for me for 6 years now. 0 meds. Nothing. A1C of 5.3. Usual AM readings of <90 mg/dl and as low as 60 mg/dl. (I function fine at 60). It's sad that so much suffering is taking place because all that matters to "them" is the money. If only a low-carb hi-fat/natural diet was promoted heavily, there could be such a change.

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