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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Kenny Rogers

kenny_rogersEveryone knows The Gambler. For awhile there in the 1980’s Kenny Rogers had a string of hits that made him one of the most popular country singers in the history of music.

But unfortunately, nowadays it seems that just as many people know The Gambler for his love of plastic surgery as well as his string of country music classics.

Kenny has undergone some procedures to his face (and also his skin) which have made him look younger as we oftentimes define younger in the field of plastic surgery (ie less wrinkles), but in the process, these changes haven’t necessarily been subtle.

Kenny has had a facelift, which in my opinion, looks good. As men age, they tend to develop excess skin around the neck and chin, which is one of the hallmark signs of aging in many men.

His facelift surgery seems to have corrected that very nicely, and I do not think his skin was overly tightened by the procedure as he doesn’t seem to that classic ‘pulled’ look of an face-lift that involved a significant resection of skin.

Likewise, he has good volume in his cheeks, and maybe even a little too much, but this is not where a casual observer’s gaze is drawn.

The issue is the eyes and the forehead. If you notice, Kenny had upper eyelid surgery, which appears in my opinion, to have been done technically well, but it has changed the way he looks at you.

He also appears to have had a significant amount of Botox injected into his forehead as his forehead and eyebrows are not moving sync with his face and cheeks. And the paralysis of the Botox in the area of his forehead and eyebrows coupled with his eyelid surgery seem to have taken away the warmth of his smile as seen in the picture on the left.

It has given him an insincere look, which is not consonant with a man who sang classic country hits like Rueben James and The Coward of the County, that are characterized by emotional directness and heartfelt sincerity.

Likewise, the general style that is stressed in the post plastic surgery pictures of Kenny is one of extreme youth, and is also not consonant with Kenny’s general theme of his songs which stressed the wisdom and experience of people, rather than extreme youth and energy.

What are your thoughts?


3 Responses to Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Kenny Rogers

  1. I love his before picture rather than his after picture. To me he looked better in his before picture.

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