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Celebrity plastic surgery: Barry Manilow

gal-bad-age-barry-manilowI think it’s pretty obvious to most people, even those not interested in plastic surgery one iota, that Barry had some plastic surgery…actually it seems like he had a lot.

This is one of the problems with plastic surgery among celebrities in my view.  It’s not really about the quality of the plastic surgery, but rather the quantity that counts.  That is, many celebrities need to let people know that they have had plastic surgery–usually a lot of it–which is a fact that the average person who gets plastic surgery, doesn’t always want to be known to the public.

The fact is if you are a celebrity, the way you make money is by having fans. These fans will then buy your output–whatever that may be (music, books, pictures, shows, commemorative mugs with your picture on it, etc.). Ultimately, getting fans is about getting noticed for the quality of your work–at least initially– but this recognition is often fleeting and subjective as styles, mores, and fashions change. And let’s not forget new talent to replace the old.  After all, there is a tendency to glorify youth in celebrity culture because…well, let’s just say there was never a Golden Girls equivalent of the Farrah Fawcett poster, shall we?

So, when you combine these factors together, that is looking young and getting noticed, you tend to get plastic surgery like Barry’s.

Once again, all of the surgery is done technically well, and could have been a lot worse.  (I’ll get into those examples in future blogposts, for sure.) The facelift corrected his neck, but he has a lot of fullness in his cheeks which gives his face a rounded appearance, and subsequently, shortens his chin. I don’t think this looks good at all.

And it goes to show, once again, that plastic surgery does have its limits to really restoring youthful features and appearances. Of course, it may be possible to make someone like Barry look like he did in his youthful Copa Cabana days with newer technologies that utilize cutting edge advances in things like stem cells, lasers, and nutrition, but right now, what we have is a essentially the ability to create a frame of youthful features on an aging man, and the average person usually doesn’t buy this.

This is why my philosophy would be to make Barry look more late 40ish, rather than late 20ish (which he looks like he was trying to go for in the picture).

I am sure Bette Midler (a great friend of Barry’s) might agree as well, who, from what I can tell, has not ‘gone crazy’ on plastic surgery.

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