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New office announcements in Glenview

We are now seeing patients at the new office! Finally! It certainly has been a long time coming, but the fact is we made it.

1720 W Milwaukee in Glenview Call for an appointment: 224.567.8841

1720 W Milwaukee in Glenview
Call for an appointment:

So here is the deal for all you who want to know:

If you are interested at all in receiving updates and special offers on things like skin care treatments and Botox, then just sign up for my newsletter. In this way, you will be kept up to date about all the fun and exciting stuff that will be happening in the office, including the events that we will start to have beginning after Labor Day. I intend to have special weekend and weekday seminars that will include education about the specific products that we are using (eg Sculptra, Dysport, etc.) along with you actually getting to try it once you know what it is all about.

Likewise, if you have questions about common procedures in Plastic Surgery, and are perhaps even a little interested in finding out what they are all about, then you should sign up for the newsletter, as I do intend to send information about what you should know and what you should be aware of when considering plastic surgery. This is one of my areas of special interest. Above all, I care about informing patients and empowering them to make decisions that they will be totally comfortable and confident about. This is one of the hallmarks of my philosophy.

I also offer treatment of small spider veins in the office using sclerotherapy, and I will be doing large vein ablation at a surgical center near my office. If you have veins that are unsightly and/or painful, then give me a ring at 224.567.8841 to set up an appointment. In many cases, the larger vein treatment is covered under insurance.

I will also be performing small procedures in my office–things like biopsies of skin lesions and scar revisions. Please call me if you have sustained a laceration and maybe you can see me ( specialist) first and avoid a very expensive ER bill as well!

I am also doing weight loss counselling, nutritional counselling (with blood testing for hormonal and vitamin deficiencies in the office), and anti-aging therapy. It’s all very good stuff that has been helpful to many people so far, so why not set up an initial consultation when you have a moment. I would be more than happy to talk to you about it. And stay tuned because we are going to be doing some pretty cool stuff here very soon!

I will be also continuing with treating hand pain and hand conditions. In fact, if you think you have carpal tunnel syndrome, then come on in for a complimentary evaluation with me. I can tell you if your symptoms fit the clinical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, and what you should do next. If you have been battling hand pain, and you don’t know what to do, then come on in. Let me take a look, and give you my thoughts. We can move forward from there. While you are at it, have you seen my carpal tunnel video series? It is very informative, and I am working on a better 2.0 version that will be a little slicker. But if you can take the mediocre film quality, the content will be helpful for anyone who has hand pain.


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Ep. 26 of The Dr. O Show: Cold for Inflammation and Abdominoplasty for Weight Loss

Ep. 26 of The Dr. O Show: Cold for Inflammation and Abdominoplasty for Weight Loss

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Part IV of the video series on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Conservative/Natural ways to treat/avoid carpal syndrome

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