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Latisse for longer and thicker eyelashes


Many people who are interested in looking better are familiar with a product called Latisse, which is a product that is applied in regular intervals on the eyelashes to make them longer and fuller.

It is a powerful product that I use with regularity in my office, and which my patient’s enjoy. It is affordable and easy to apply. People are instructed how to do it, and then they go ahead and use it home according to the directions.  One month’s supply, depending on the result you are looking for, can vary from $120 to $150.

Interestingly enough, Latisse started out a product that was intended to decrease pressure in the eyeball. People with conditions like glaucoma, a condition which raises pressure in the eyeball resulting in blindness, were supposed to benefit from the use of  Lumigan, which is the formula of Latisse that is used to treat glaucoma.

During the testing of this product, the use of Lumigan was noted to result in longer and thicker eyelashes in people who used the product. And so, a star was born.  Latisse, along with being a treatment for glaucoma, became instead, a popular and affordable way for people to grow longer and thicker lashes.

This is not unusual for many drugs out there in the market. The unintended consequences of a drug or even its side-effects, may actually be helpful in another way. Such is  certainly the case with Botox, which is a powerful neurotoxin which can cause paralysis and death. But in the right dose, it can be use to treat fine wrinkles around the face, along with many other things, such as the sweaty palms and pain in the hand.

So, sometimes the so-called side-effects of a treatment can actually have great benefit.

That is, if you take a moment to look at things correctly…wink, wink!

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