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Sania Panayotova, licensed Esthetician

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Do I need a facelift?

imgresAs a plastic surgeon, I get invited to many events to speak or learn or simply to enjoy some time out with my wife. Inevitably, when people learn what I do for a living, I will get the universal sign for “Do I need a facelift?” You didn’t know about that sign? It involves tugging on your face while you are talking to a plastic surgeon, trying to pick their mind about what they think. In the past, the answer for most people to that question used to be “yes,” but nowadays, with so many non-surgical treatments available, the answer now is generally “no.”

Botox and Juvederm have really changed the game immensely for many people, helping them get rid of unsightly signs of aging such as wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, and other parts of the face. With a good eye and a skilled touch, some amazing results can be achieved with little or no down-time.

Likewise, with the introduction of new fillers like Voluma, which are designed to plump up the cheeks and rejuvenate the mid-face, so to speak, a face-lift may never be indicated for some patients! And with other adjuct procedures becoming better with time such as the use of lasers, chemical peels, and other skin treatments, it now possible to turn back the clock many years, and even decades, without ever having to go under the knife at all!

It is definitely an exciting time when it comes to all the possibilities for non-surgical rejuvenation of the face, but sometimes surgery is still indicated. Often this is not a facelift, but a necklift, which includes many of the best components of a face lift, but with much less surgery (and much less down time) involved.

So, next time you are at a cocktail party and you meet a plastic surgeon, do not tug on your face, but have him or her start talking about all the amazing non-surgical options there are to give your face a more youthful look. Or better yet, schedule you complimentary consultation at our office today. Call 224.567.8841 for more information.