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Valentine’s Day Event at Dr. Ostric’s Office in Glenview this Saturday, Feb. 8th!

Get ready to look great for Valentine’s day!

On Saturday February 8th at Dr. Ostric’s office in Glenview

From 10am-5pm we will be having an open house showcasing our new licensed aesthetician, Teresa. She will be offering a wide variety of services to help make you look and feel great. On this day, she will be offering skin care consultations as well as a variety of facials and peels to help get your skin into tip-top shape.

Likewise, we will also be offering Botox at 8 dollars per unit, and vials of Juvederm will also be offered at reduced rates as well. All of our Dermesse beauty products will be 15% off, as will Latisse.

Dermesse is a high quality beauty line that offers a wide variety of products that help cleanse, protect, rejuvenate, and improve the skin. Dr. Ostric and Teresa will help explain what these products can do for you, and how they can help slow down and even reverse the aging process.

Why not pamper yourself as we head into Valentine’s day?

Look your best before you spend a special evening with that special someone!

Please call 224-567-8841 to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

**Refreshments will be served. 

Teresa Utratny is a licensed aesthetician with a gentle and professional touch. Come see what she can do for you! 
The Dermesse product line that Dr. Ostric prefers is a 14 week program which helps reduce wrinkles and lighten age spots and blemishes. 
Give yourself a Valentine’s day gift and enjoy a facial treatment in our comfortable and relaxing spa room! 

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