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Breast Reduction, Long Term Results

Breast Reduction is one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed in the United States, with many thousands being performed each year. It is also very safe, effective, and can provide extremely reliable results in trained hands.

In my practice, I perform many breast reductions each year, and women tend to ask me the same set of questions in regards to what to expect, how much will be removed, how long will it take to recover, etc. But often, do not get asked about what the long term results might look like.

I’d like to show you one today that is about 2 years out, and it is representative of what you can expect in an ordinary breast reduction.

Also, if you’d like to read more about breast reduction, and it’s related procedure, mastopexy, please read my FAQ page here. And if you are in the Chicago area, call for you appointment at 224.567.8841.  



Colottis Davis after


Some things to consider about breast reconstruction after cancer surgery

In 1998, then President Bill Clinton signed into the law the Women’s Health and Cancer Reconstruction Act (WHCRA). The intention of this bill was to ensure than patients who underwent mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer would be able to have access to reconstruction through their insurance plans. Previously, many insurances did not coverContinue Reading

Silicone or Saline? Which to choose for Breast Augmentation surgery?

There are many important decisions that you have to make with your plastic surgeon before you undergo breast augmentation surgery.  Your desired size, nipple position, and the surgical approach which will be used must all be discussed at length in order to create a plan that will result in your desired aesthetic result. One ofContinue Reading

Insulin and IGF and the Cancer Link

Persistently high levels of insulin, stimulated by high levels of carbohydrate intake are responsible for a lot of things, which include obesity and diabetes, but would you believe cancer is also one of those things? That’s right, cancer. Most people consider cancer to be a disease of genetic bad luck or persistently bad behaviors likeContinue Reading

Breast Cancer Surgery: Overview of Types of Reconstruction after Total Mastectomy

Discussing breast cancer would be simply too much to discuss in one blog entry, so I have decided to organize it in terms of general overviews, choices, and detailed explanation of specific topics. Please search under the categories section of this blog for selected topics as they become available. Today, we will be talking aboutContinue Reading