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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome VI: Hand Pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

In Episode 6 about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, we talk about medications for carpal tunnel syndrome and looking beyond the whole ‘taking meds because it hurts’ philosophy that is so prevalent in our society.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • The overuse and misuse of NSAIDS (like Tylenol and Ibuprofen) in our society
  • The way that ‘No Pain. No Gain’ is a harmful concept because we are built to stop when it hurts.
  • Resting is critical when you have pain. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong, and we have to do something other than take meds to make ourselves feel better
  • Don’t ignore your pain, and think ‘it will work itself out’
  • NSAIDS are ultimately toxic is overused. They are not the cure. There are underlying causes to carpal tunnel syndrome, and NSAIDS treat symptoms.
  • You can’t work yourself out of a bad diet, you can take NSAIDS and keep working out. It’s the whole picture, and you have to take a lot of little steps to get a big result.
  • You might want to consider Yoga and actually making a commitment to working out your core.
  • Doing one thing is not enough. It’s really all about all the little things, and quick fixes like NSAIDS can be very harmful
  • Pain tells your body to re-adjust.
  • Use pain to help yourself re-adjust and take those little steps to success.

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