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Bad science and medicine that can kill

I love Ben Goldacre because he is one those whip-smart dudes that can explain complex topics in a both a cogent and easy to understand that uses actual facts rather than bogeyman narratives. This is important because with all the controversies that there out these days that explain things through ‘globalist conspiracies’ it is refreshing to know that a person can be skeptical about ‘enlightened’ people like Piers Morgan getting a flu shot on Dr. Oz‘s show and then getting the flu using reason, rather than being accused of having ‘misguided emotions’ or ‘simplistic views’ or whatever term is used.

What’s even more irritating is that, the alternative that Mr. Morgan provides is not much better. The reason he gets a flu shot is based largely a simple appeal to authority (mostly, himself)–a 3rd rate journalist who is a terrible talk show host (I mean seriously, love or hate Larry King, he was the best. Sorry, Piers.)

But aside from the fact that I am no fan of Piers Morgan personally (Sharon Osborne was the best judge on America’s Got Talent in my opinion), I do question a lot of the policies that are handed down by experts on topics ranging from diet and exercise to vaccines, antibiotics, GMO‘s, and all the drugs that we prescribe for every single possible ailment in this country.

If you read my blog, I am not categorically against many things, especially if the science suggest they may be good, but likewise, I am not categorically for anything either. Everything has risks and benefits, everything has complications, everything has a law of diminishing returns attached to it, everything has a trade-off. I make that clear that those are some of my most important foundational beliefs and principles.

Questions like ‘Is the flu vaccine really safe and effective and necessary for everyone?’ are important topics, and I do not want to be relegated to the status on ‘kook’ by the so called ‘experts’ many of which, like Dr. Oz, though they may know a lot about cardiac surgery (which is his specialty), probably know little about other things, and even if he does, he is limited by the medium of television, which is not conducive to doing things like Ted Talks by Ben Goldacre.

So, all I can say is watch this video and use your brain, it’s the best tool you have.

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