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Announcements for The Man Diet and Livin’ Large

Hey guys! I wanted to inform you of some exciting things that are occurring in the world of The Man Diet:

I will be on with The Pinker in the studio this coming Sunday 5/20 from 7-9 pm CST on am 560 WIND, or just check out

Also, we have finalized The Man Pack supplements for you to purchase…there is a nice basic level of supplements that I worked on to get right, and some higher levels of supplementation that focus on fat burning with extra supplements like CoQ10, and important minerals and and anti-oxidants…I really like the anti-oxidant a lot, it has a lot of Vitamin C, and grapeseed extract, reservatrol…I think it’s great to take with the Omega-3’s…It’s basically a complete pack for everything so you don’t have to schlep and shop for hours, or buy stuff that is junk and worthless…Pinker and I did all the work for you…Message me if you want more info… is the best email to get me at!

June 3rd, we have Jimmy Moore…probably one of the world’s most popular and certainly hardest working bloggers, and absolutely the nicest guy in the biz…he will talk about his show, his success and struggles with weight loss, why he cares so much about health, and all the controversy in nutrition, and where he thinks it comes from…People attack him so violently on the internet, in spite of all the good stuff he does. I never understood that…I have played sports all my life, and if I sucked, there was no coach who would ever yell at me, but rather try to help me…the only reason to yell is if someone is not trying or mean…and from all that I know about Jimmy, he is a kind-hearted and hard-working man…we are excited to have him on the show.

June 5th, we have our completely free (and totally fun!) webinar from 8-9pm CST (Tuesday night), we will be talking about The Man Diet, how it works, how we developed our supplement line, what are the keys to long term success, and how Geoff and I can help you if you are one of those people who simply can’t read a book and lose weight…and if you can read a book (ha!), we are working an short e-book that outlines the diet in clear and accessible terms…If you want to register this is the link.

And on June 10th, we plan to have Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, who is an expert on gluten and wheat…he knows everything you ever wanted to know about gluten…gluten-free is really ‘catchy’ especially on the NorthShore, but there is a lot more to the story, and Dr. Davis wrote an amazing book on the subject…for me, it was the key to getting me back to my high school weight…It may help you break your bread addiction and get back to your high school weight…stay tuned…

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