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More than meat…variety is important. Real variety.

It’s not easy explaining to people that the diet Geoff Pinkus and I developed together is not a meat heavy diet. It can be, and that can be fine, but it doesn’t have to be.

The fact is people need variety in their diet, if for no other reason than it fights boredom (although I believe having real variety in your diet is more nutritious and healthy).Sure, you may not need variety nor can you always have it, but we are omnivores. That’s a big point with me. We can eat a lot things that are good including meat and we probably should when we have the chance. Let’s not fool ourselves. Do you think the Native Americans ate a greater or less of a variety of food when the Pilgrims came? Greater. By how much? A lot. It is estimated that the Native Americans had a few hundred type of foods in their diet, while¬† the Pilgrims had only about 5 or 6 types of food in their diet. The Pilgrims fed things like lobster and persimmons to their pigs because they didn’t know what to do with those foods.

They might have even fed a salad like this to a pig. Tasty pig, then I guess.


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