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Notes on Cheek Rejuvenation and Juvederm Voluma

imgresAs we age, all of us lose volume in the cheek, and as a result, we tend to look more gaunt as we age. Some of this is due to actual bone loss in the facial skeleton, which most people don’t realize. In the same way that people experience thinning bones in places like their hips, people also experience thinning bones in the face as well. However, much of what is lost with age is fat.

In the past, replacing this fat was the one of the “holy grails” of plastic surgery, so to speak. A facelift could be technically very successful, but it might not look all that great because of lack of volume in the cheek area. So, efforts were made to create techniques to add back volume to the midface, or what is known in technical terms as the malar region.

In the past, the only commonly available technique for cheek augmentation was surgical placement of a silastic implant, which was and still is fraught with complications. They are hard to place into the face via surgery, they move, and they can get infected or even extrude out of the skin with time.

However, with the advent of fat grafting, facial rejuvenation was transformed, making consistently excellent and permanent results achievable. Fat is harvested with gentle liposuction is injected into the face wherever it is needed  But like implants, fat injections they require a surgical procedure (usually under general anesthesia), and these grafts can sometimes fail (meaning the fat get re-absorbed by the body).

In the fall of 2013, Juvederm Voluma XC became available and is the first FDA approved non-surgical method for cheek augmentation. Voluma is composed of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a normal component of your skin. What makes Voluma special and different than Juvederm, is the cross linking of the HA which allows Voluma to last up to 2 years. And Voluma can be placed in an office setting, with no anesthesia and minimal downtime, providing both excellent and long lasting results.

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