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Tips for getting a great Botox experience

BotoxThere are many things to consider in your decision to get Botox for the first time. The most important thing is finding a qualified professional who will be honest about what you need and what you don’t need.

Like many procedures in Plastic surgery,  things can be overdone. You may have already seen some of the examples of people who are overly “Botox-ed” to the point where they simply have no ability to create a facial expression, resulting in a sort of reptilian look. Though the effects of Botox go away with time (about 4-6 months in most people), the reality for an ordinary person who doesn’t prefer to be featured on the National Enquirer or Perez Hilton’s blog, too much Botox can be discomfiting at best, and downright irritating at worst.

So, keep in mind, that no matter the technique, or the perceived “sexiness” of the procedure, especially with Botox, less is always more.

Here are a few other tips as well:

1. Make sure you understand what Botox can and can’t do. Eyebrow wrinkles, or crow’s feet, are prime targets for the effects of Botox, but smile folds, especially things like marionette lines, often respond much better to fillers like Juvederm.

2. Don’t go cheap. With rewards programs available through Allergan via their Brilliant Distinctions program, go with someone who has a reputation and skill.

3. Pay per unit, rather than an area to be improved. I myself have used only 5 units per side around the crow’s feet in some patients, while using up to as much as 20 in others. It depends on judgement, skill, and experience, and though may highly reputable profesional do charge by the area, many others, like myself, like to be very explicit about letting patients know what we are doing. I think patients ultimately appreciate that.

4. Stick with someone that is good and that you like. Once again, you can always go cheaper, but it is important to think about quality, and quality is defined by long term relationships and trust.

5. Break it up if you are uncertain. For instance, if it is your first time, and you want to see what it’s like, then choose only one area, say the crow’s feet only, instead of the brows. Doctors, like myself, who care about results, realize that it’s all  about developing a stable long term relationship with the patient. It’s okay to try something one week, and if you decide it looks great, then go ahead with the rest of what you planned — or decline it if it doesn’t feel right to you. Once again, doctors, like myself, care about results, and even though we might like to do something, that does not mean it should be done. Service to the best needs of the patient is always the paramount goal.

6. Use Ice. It helps with swelling and pain.

7. Know that  physical activity and working out a lot will reduce the effectiveness of Botox (ie it will be metabolized quicker) and you might need more frequent touch ups.

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Good luck, and I wish you the best on your quest for beauty!

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